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The Comm Lead program is committed to equipping our students with everything necessary to succeed in the work place. This includes the services of career coach Angee Linsey of Linsey Careers, who has extensive communications industry experience. She offers regular workshops to our students, along with one-on-one consultations.

Individual Career Coaching

“By far the best extra-curricular experience I had was taking Angie’s weekend career workshops. They helped me lobby for two promotions and a very large salary increase.”

Once a student has attended one or more of the career workshops, he/she is eligible for one individual career coaching session (approximately 50 minutes) at no cost to the student. Based on the needs of the student, a coaching session can include career guidance, resume review, job search planning, and developing communication strategies for a job search or other related topics. Sessions can be done by phone or live as schedules permit. Limited email follow up is included.

You can read Angee’s bio and contact information below:

Angee Linsey | 206.268.0099 |

As an executive recruiter, trainer, and coach, Angee Linsey has helped people through career and hiring decisions for more than 15 years. Now as the Managing Director for Linsey Careers, she has taken the combination of her experiences and education and created a recruitment consulting and career coaching practice with a focus toward communications and marketing professionals.

Prior to starting her own firm, Angee recruited in-house for companies in industries including wine, technology, telecommunications, consumer products, homebuilding, and hospitality. She was also an award-winning public relations and corporate communications professional in corporate, agency, and military environments, where she served through retirement as a Navy Reserve Public Affairs Officer.

Angee earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the prestigious School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, and a Master of Arts degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University in Northern California.

When not working, Angee enjoys traveling and photographing the world, and hiking the beautiful Puget Sound with her dog Taz.

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